Mix Up Your Home Decor with Unique and Whimsical Furniture


This is my first blog post for this brand new website of mine and I wanted it to be fun and unique!

As you may know, I am a personal home stylist and that means I am constantly scouring the web searching for amazing furniture for my clients. Well, I unexpectedly found a some seriously creative, gorgeous, unique pieces and all I could think was, “here is something we haven’t seen a million times over” , and it was settled, I had to write a blog about it and show you all what I found.

I was designing a very modern bohemian style room and I was searching for the perfect sofa when I ended up on the Anthropologie website. Upon further inspection of their inventory I found pieces I have not seen done before. I was kind of blown away at the fact that I haven’t seen posts or anything about these pieces. Instead, I always see the same things done over and over again.

I mean, how stunning is that buffet table above?! It is so creative I just want to cry! (Well maybe that is a bit extreme.) While these pieces certainly aren’t for everyone, they aren’t supposed to be! Maybe that’s why they aren’t getting any coverage.

Well I am here to show you the most imaginative, and just downright lovely, furniture I have seen in a while!

Spoiler: it is all from Anthropologie! (I am not partnered with Anthropologie in any way, I just really wanted you guys to see this!)

Follow the links below to shop these table now!
(P.s. if you want to be sure these will fit into your space, I can help with that!)

I can see designing a whole room around any of these pieces.

Peacock Table Coffee table

IMG_0035 (3).jpg

How amazing is this chair! What a statement. This chair comes in different colors and there were a couple of similar ones but with different animals. I am not sure how comfortable it is but I might not even care.

Deer Chair


I can’t believe how cool this is! This is the one that stopped me in my tracks. It is just so darn curious. I love the imagination that went into it.

Land and Sky Buffet


Super cute, right?
It could be in a beachy/boho bedroom, or a guys bedroom.
I see a lot of options with this piece.

Streamlet Dresser


Last but not least, this lovely piece of work, right here. It is so whimsical!

Enchantment Dresser

I hope you loved these as much as I did. Even if you would never have them in your home, sometimes its just nice to appreciate the creativity that went into these works of art. I always appreciate when I see something that feels new and different.

Let me know what you thought of this furniture in the comments! Would you use any of them in your home?

All photographs were found on the Anthropologie website.