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Hey there! It’s me, Kristen!


Home and Life.  Synonymous?  I think so!

Home should support and reflect your lifestyle. 
Do you love to cook?  Are you a creative?  Do you work from home, have kids, love to garden?  Are you eco-friendly? Trying to create a toxin free environment?

Getting your home and life in smooth working order is no easy task.

I have spent years practicing and implementing new ideas and I have created a space that really works for my and my husband’s lifestyle.

I know how to help you create an ideal space to support your lifestyle, too.

Yes, I went to interior design school, I have spent years honing my styling and photography skills and I spend a considerable amount of time soul searching, refining my practices and figuring out how to be the best and most intentional version of myself.  I have learned that if my home doesn’t support all of my personality traits, I can feel very easily frustrated, out of sorts, unorganized, overwhelmed and so much more.

In order for us to show up as the best version of ourselves we need to have lifestyle habits that work and a place to unwind that stimulates all of your senses, relaxes and fills you with joy.

Hence, Kristen Manning: Home, Life and Style!

I recently began calling myself a Lifestyle Curator!  To me that means that I like to create spaces, habits, rituals, and activities that light souls on fire and make each moment something noteworthy.  After all, life is short and moments are fleeting.  I want to make each one count. 

I believe that a home can be a haven, a retreat from the fast paced world we live in. A place where you can slow down, relax and enjoy the simple things like time with family, preparing wholesome meals, enjoying a good book, having cozy game nights with friends, and just finding some peace and relaxation.

If that sounds far fetched to you, you need my services!
My design is all about creating tranquility no matter what your style preference may be. Simplicity in life and design is my motto. I believe that living a mindful and intentional life begins where we spend most of our time; at home.

You are not here by chance. You were searching for something. Perhaps I can help you find it!

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